MultImedia efficienT Scalable and robUst Delivery.

The main MITSU project objectives are the following:

  • Study and development of the next generation multimedia streaming systems to be used over wireless networks
  • Implementation of video interoperability while minimising the complexity and power consumption


  • Convergence of Broadcast, Telecom and Web technologies within a common set of components and tools, especially for cloud services
  • Minimisation of processing complexity regarding video transport and adaptation with potential impact of a lower energy consumption
  • Enhanced video codec expertise applicable over wireless communication
  • QoS and QoE for better Video encoding and transport
  • Converging technologies to be used in multimedia and video surveillance applications


MITSU will reinforce the Networked Media sector in Europe by proposing alternative solutions and optimisation, so that the sector will become more competitive on the international market. It will provide power- and bandwidth-efficient communications for communities of various sizes enabling people to stay connected with their related social groups in a more trustful manner.

This new communication architecture should enable the deployment of new services for an ageing society consuming more personal services, dealing with health, safety or entertainment. It is a growing new market which is open to the MITSU consortium and its service platform with respect to energy and communication resources, with the opportunity to evaluate it at the European level before starting its commercialization.

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